About Estes Flame Works

Estes flame works
Everyone enjoys a snowy mountain scene, especially in Estes Park. When you can enjoy that scenery next to a comfy warm fire is even better, and to get that dream fireplace, you have to look no farther than Estes Flame Works, your one-stop shop for all your fireplace needs.

Located at 1755 Colo. 66, Flame Works was started by Brad Klein 20 years ago. They specialize in mostly custom homes and installing majestic dream fireplaces.

“We started the business because we felt like we could give a better service to our customers,” Klein said.

That is what they have done for two decades. They install indoor fireplaces, including wood and gas inserts, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, gas logs, custom doors and anything that goes around the fireplace.

Klein said the big things that customers should consider when planning a fireplace is to know what they want, whether that be wood or gas, and finding just the right location for it, proper room size and venting. Flame Works will work through all of that with you. Just give them a call at (970) 586-9584 to set up an appointment.

The team at Flame Works will come on site to work with the customer to find out what best fits their needs, then they can come to Flame Works showroom, where they can see a number of different fireplace styles and brands. The showroom features a host of options for clients with all different tastes, and you can see them in actual, burning brightly.

They provide a lot of different choices whether you choose wood or gas. What size, type of insert or design, doors, tile and more are all decisions that a customer will need to make.

“There are a lot of decisions to be made, I can help with that, but it is ultimately what the customer wants,” Klein said. “I really like to service customers and have them happy with the product they are going to live with.”

Mendota fireplaces are the cream of the crop, with so many options it makes it the top of the line for Flame Works. Be sure to stop in, check out the showroom and ask any questions about your next fireplace.